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CRIB Srilanka – 03 Most Frequently asked Questions

We are glad that a big number of advisor.lk followers contact us to get their doubts clarified on financial problems and grey areas they encounter. the majority of the questions are CRIB report related and it is approx. 35% of all the questions we answered, so here are the three most frequently asked questions about CRIB Srilanka.

Most Frequently asked questions

Question No 1

How do I get a CRIB report?

You can obtain your own credit report using two methods

  1. Simply visit the CRIB (Credit information bureau) office between 9.00 AM to 3.30 PM during working days (except Saturday, Sunday, public and mercantile holiday), Fill and submit the application form and pay the required fee Rs. 150, collect your CRIB report. This method only available to individuals.
  2. Go to your personal or corporate banker and forward your request through them, you should download the application from the website (http://www.crib.lk/en/index.php/downloads-2), this method available for individuals and businesses. The fee will be Rs.150 for individuals and Rs 500 for businesses. Kindly note, you cannot forward your application through Non-banking finance institutions (Leasing and Finance Companies)

Contact Details of CRIB Srilanka

  • Address – No 25, Sir Baron Jayathilaka Mv, Colombo 01
  • Customer Help Desk – 0112 333 955 / 0112 13 13 13
  • Website – crib.lk
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Question No 2

My credit information is not correctly reported / Wrong information reported to CRIB / someone else’s information reported under my NIC Number, How can I correct the information?

In case of such an event, you can submit a dispute resolution form to Credit information bureau office and they will contact the respective member institution to resolve the dispute. You will be given a freshly updated report After the resolution process, a dispute in a corporate report can only be raised by an authorised signatory (Proprietor/Partner/Director) who requested the corporate report. CRIB need minimum 14 days to look in the resolution process.

If you are not satisfied with the resolution process, you can file a complaint at the financial ombudsman office, for more information about financial ombudsman please click below.

Question No 3

Will CRIB blacklist me?

No, CRIB never blacklist anyone, Credit information bureau is not a lender to blacklist anyone, they just collect all the credit information from the member institution and store in the database, however, CRIB report used as a tool to asses creditworthiness of an individual and corporate, thus having irregular CRIB results might trigger rejection of your loan application with banks and finance companies.

If you need more information on CRIB report and technicalities, please visit the FAQ section of CRIB website.

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We believe that the information provided here is helpful to you, please feel free to contact us or send an email to ask@advisor.lk for any further information/ clarification.


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