How to start a new business without capital investment

How to start a new business without capital investment?, the big question asked by most of the young businessmen, after some time they will found out that someone already started the with their great business idea and making good money. I found this as the biggest problem in the current contest as most of the people think that they need capital to start a business. Also I see this as the fine line which differentiate the entrepreneurial spirit and the day dreaming.

In my decade of experience in the banking and finance industry and my thirst of talking to entrepreneurs made one-point clear to me, that is, you need no investment or capital to start a business, you just need to put your genuine effort to be an entrepreneur and you will see the doors getting opened as you take the determined journey.

As a person who willing to start a business, it’s obvious you will have a great idea (at least an idea), you are willing to take calculated risks such as leaving your current job, sacrificing your entertainment time or taking up the challenge without a personal revenue. Most of the entrepreneurs are ready to take up the above, but one thing they stop at is, no money to proceed. I would like to say, yes it’s hard, but lack of capital shouldn’t stop you from persuading your dream, trust me, it’s completely possible to start your business without a cent in your hand., provided you know what you are doing

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Business Needs Money. For What?

Different businesses have different cost structure and there is no hard and fast rule on how much you need, but you should have a rough estimate about your cost structure to find alternatives, the common requirement of a businesses are following.

  1. You need equipment / Computers
  2. You need stationary
  3. need of supplies
  4. Office Space
  5. Operating expenses
  6. Working capital
  7. Pay roll
  8. License and permits

Now, it’s time to eliminate the cost factors till you start making profits.

How to overcome the cost factors of Starting a business?

You have only two options, you have to find capital or you have to find alternatives for requirements.

If you have capital then you have no reason to read this, however you can continue reading if you are going to find alternative. You just need to change your business model, not your great idea.

  1. Start small, start your business with a sole employee (that’s you)
  2. Operate from home unless you need a office space or Use a co-working space,
  3. Use your personal computer without buying new.
  4. Do your research to find cheaper supplies / suppliers
  5. Don’t get in to production unless you have a buyer.
  6. Find a sub business which is in line with your core business.
  7. Earn some money and upgrade your sub to the core business.
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Simplify your needs, don’t go for an expensive website development process, you can launch a fully fledged website with a fraction of cost.

Most importantly, invest in yourself, do extensive research and master yourself in the field. remember that you are the only tangible factor which going to drive customers to you, sharpen your skills, knowledge and expertise. (check back the blog in coming days, as I am publishing an article about a sri lankan entrepreneur who started with nothing and now he is a millionaire)

There are few expenses you won’t be able avoid, but make sure to have a budget to service those expenses from your revenue.

Below are Few businesses you can start with absolutely no capital, but with ample knowledge.

  • Web Development / SEO / Social Media Handling / Digital Marketing
  • Financial Consulting / Real Estate consulting / Education Consulting
  • Brokering – Vehicle / Property / investment

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