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Master the art of story telling for business success

Are you an entrepreneur with a great idea, are you looking for an investor or financial support to head start your business? Or are you looking to attract your customers to your great idea? What is the story you got to tell your investors, financiers and customers? do you know the important of mastering the art of story telling?

An essential part of entrepreneurship success relies on how compelling your story is, you will taste the success if you are able to tell a story which is convincing and compelling to your stakeholders, being able to beautifully explain how your business will make people’s lives better will be a definite skill which will make your life better.

the art of story telling
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The toughest challenge

The toughest challenge to most of the entrepreneurs is coming up with a convincing pitch, articulating and connecting the business idea with the existing problem and creating a compelling and convincing story around the idea is an art. As an entrepreneur, you must refine your value proposition and articulate your story clearly, successful ideas should be difficult to implement and replicate, but it should be easy to understand by others and an entrepreneur should give series important to storytelling.

“Story is the Strategy. If you get your story right, your strategy will get better”

How can you create a better story?

An entrepreneur should be able to articulate the story and the strategy, also he should be able to modify them quickly when unexpected roadblocks are on the way. The focus should be on the centre point of your idea and if you can articulate frequent changes while maintaining a clear focus on your ideas and core strategies, you are likely to be successful.

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Key ingredients of storytelling

You should be able to identify the ingredients of an ultra-compelling, convincing, tempting, irresistible and winning pitch, the art of storytelling consist of the great ingredients.

Make it short

Timing is critical. The less time your pitch takes, the better. A brilliant idea means nothing unless the entrepreneur summarizes it to a few moments of magical experience. The crisper you can be, the more effective you will be.

Be focused

Respect the time of your investors, financiers and customers, time is money and if you are to waste the time of your stakeholders, then surely no one will be interested.

Talk exactly the important point

Most of the stakeholders are not interested in the products, they will be more interested in the money the product will make, thus make sure to talk about why your idea is unique and how it will solve the problem and how you will make money (for you and them).

Don’t fake passion

Investors and financiers are insightful about the pitches, they can easily spot you if you are faking the passion, have genuine wild enthusiasm and passion and there is never a requirement of acting.

What is your exit strategy?

An entrepreneur should understand one thing, investors are not your father or mother to help you, and they are investing on you to make money, make sure to show the exit to your investors, this will make them comfortable.

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Practice, practice and practice

It’s simple, practice your pitch again and again, till you are satisfied with the outcome of your story.

So Finally,

If you are serious about entrepreneurship and therefore has been looking for funds and success, then the above tips will turn around that whole scenario. Remember, Story is the Strategy. If you get your story right, your strategy will get better.

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